Lowering our target donation goal & other news

With the money Steven was able to free up from his car and money we have available in savings we will be able to put up at least $15,000 of our own money toward the adoption. Our overall goal hasn’t changed and that is to get as close to $40,000 combined as we possibly can to make sure all eventualities are covered (within reason). We have lowered our WePay donation goal to $25,000 as given what we will currently be able to come up with that will get us to the $40,000 goal we originally set.

We’ve received almost 1500 page views so far and we really appreciate everyone who has shared our story with their family and friends! We’re very lucky to have such good people in our lives!

We added a progress bar on the front page to help monitor our progress toward our goal as the WePay page only shows progress made through donations on that site and only toward the $25,000. The progress bar on our Welcome page is updated manually and we do our best to make sure it’s updated (and accurate!). Keep in mind it will show our progress through all means of funding whether it’s from our own money, money raised at art / craft fairs, in-person donations, etc. We’re trying to only put the total of money we actually have received so as to not artificially inflate our progress (or count our chickens before they hatch!). As such our current progress shows donations from WePay, $7500 from Steven’s car (with $2895 coming in the next 4 weeks…so not added in yet), $1500 we’ve made through art fairs thus far, and the $5000 from our savings.


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