Happy Holidays!

Just wanted to say thank you to all of the awesome people out there that have supported us in our decision to adopt a child and helped support our cause.  We’ve met so many new people as we have started this process and it’s been wonderful hearing the adoption stories and we’ve also met some amazing adopted kids as well that have shared their stories with us.  We will be keeping you updated as we move forward as we are hoping to jump into the official first steps very shortly.  If you had purchased an item as a gift from Leslie, we hope they love their gifts!   We wish everyone a fantastic holiday and a very happy new year!

❤ Leslie, Steven, Koji & Thomas



And the winner is…!

Our awesome nephew Vincent was kind enough to pick the Wii U winner this Saturday evening. Congratulations to Ryan Lamm and family! We hope your family enjoys it!  Thank you everyone for entering and supporting our cause. Happy holidays!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank YOU!

Just wanted to send out a quick update! We have received several generous donations this week and we wanted to acknowledge these contributions through our blog to let you out there know how much we appreciate the support. 🙂 You are helping bring us closer and closer to reaching our goal of adopting a child and we send you our love <3!

We hope everyone has an awesome holiday and don't forget that Leslie's last holiday show is tomorrow at Bridgepoint Elementary School in Jeffersonville, Indiana from 9:00 – 2:00 p.m. Stay tuned for updates on who wins the Wii U and tickets are still on sale for $1 each!!

Leslie & Steven


Thanks to you awesome people out there and our own personal funds, we have raised over half the money needed to help us adopt a child!! We just wanted to send out a thank you to those of you who have provided generous donations and have supported us through our sales of Leslie’s handmade items and photographs through local art fairs and holiday festivals. We are planning to officially begin starting the adoption process this month! Stay tuned for updates!

FYI: Leslie’s last holiday show is coming up this Saturday, December 9:00am – 2:00pm at Bridgepoint Elementary School in Jeffersonville, IN. So make sure to come check us out! If you are interested in ordering anything from Leslie, just send us a message at leslieandstevensadoption@gmail.com

Don’t forget! We still are raffling off a Brand New Deluxe Edition of the Wii U. Tickets are $1.00 each!! We will be announcing the winner Saturday, December 15th! Send us a message if you are interested, over 400 tickets have been sold.

(A special thank you as well to an IUS people out there that attended the Holiday Art Sale on Thursday! 🙂 And to the Dirt Bags for providing me with the opportunity to setup!)

– Leslie and Steven