Happy New Year! And yay! The Adoption Tax Credit has been renewed!

This is it! The year we are going to start the adoption process. We are very excited and we will keep our blog updated as we move forward!

As far as some good news goes, we may need to make some changes to our blog because the adoption tax credit has been renewed! This is great news for us, but there’s still some details that haven’t been release for us to begin celebrating too quickly. Regardless, there are many families out there that needed this tax credit to be renewed so it is going to make more adoptions possible. We’ll keep you updated, but at this time, we don’t know all of the details, just like the rest of America.

Do consider signing this petition to help those families who were in the midst of adopting a child from Russia. There are many families in the process of adopting their child from Russia and they are about to enact a new law that will ban Americans from adopting children from their country.