Hello Everyone! We have a few updates for you. As the last post indicated, we are happy to announce that congress did renew the adoption tax credit! This is fantastic news that is going to help lots of families adopt. There are still some technicalities that we hope congress will readdress, such as the tax credit being non-refundable, but we are thankfully in a position where we will be able to utilize the tax credit to help us with the expenses of our adoption.

That said we are still going to do our best over the next couple months to do some more fundraising! Leslie is planning an adoption benefit show at Spot 5 Art Studio in Louisville, Kentucky February 22nd. She will be selling her photographs and we will be posting more about it this week! We are also going to try some fundraising through restaurants and a big adoption benefit yard sale once it starts warming up outside. Leslie is also working to setup an Etsy store to sell her handmade items that many of you purchased over the holidays, so look for a post on that this week or next. She’s getting everything in the works! Don’t forget you can always go check out her photographs at http://www.lesliedoylephotography.com and let us know if you are interested in any prints!

We just want you to know we are still working hard and we are excited to start our family. We are getting things in order and we hope to start officially very soon. We appreciate your support and keep spreading the word about us!

– Leslie & Steven


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