Adoption Benefit Art Show at Spot 5 Art Studio Gallery in Louisville, KY!!

Even more awesome news in addition to the Etsy store opening, Spot 5 Art Studio Gallery is hosting our Adoption Benefit Art Show FAT Friday Feb. 22nd from 6:00 – 9:00! All proceeds from the show goes towards helping us adopt a child and my work will be on display to purchase! Everyone is invited, so feel free to share!

Here is the facebook event:

Here is the Google + event:

Here is the event information:

Hello Everyone! You are invited to an adoption benefit art show at Spot 5 Art Studio’s Gallery in Louisville, KY. My artwork will be on display and available for purchase. All proceeds from the purchases will go towards helping my husband and I adopt a child. We have been working very hard over the past several months to raise money and we are getting much closer to reaching our goal. I am the photography instructor at Spot 5 Art Studio and the gallery was generously offered to help us put on this show to raise some funds! Thank you Laurie! Some come check out the show and even if you don’t have the funds to help we still appreciate your presence. Please feel free to invite others to our show who may be interested.

To read more about our story, please visit

If you would like to check out my photography in advance, please visit If you already know what print you may want to purchase (Or you can’t make it and want to make a purchase), message me! You will also be able to place orders with me at the show if you would like a different size, for instance, of what is on display.

Here’s some images that will be showing:




LDoyle-13 (2)




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