New items available in Leslie’s Etsy Shop!!

After 10 hours of photographing, editing images, and creating listings, Leslie has been able to add her earrings and hair pins to her Etsy shop! It’s been a long time coming, but they are now available for purchasing online!! Remember, all profits from the store go towards helping us adopt! Thank you and we hope you enjoy!

Here’s the link to Leslie’s Shop!



Getting Closer

Hi Everyone!!

We are happy to tell you that we are getting much closer to our fundraising goals and things are coming together quickly. We just finished one of our major home renovations, our master bathroom, and we have been working hard to get our lives organized to get the nursery started. Thanks to awesome sales at Target, we were able to purchase our crib and a really cool, well reviewed stroller. We’ve also gotten a couple baby carriers, some Tommee Tippee bottles, a nursery organizer, a super cute stuffed elephant, and some felted hearts to hang in the room. Leslie is already picking out prints to hang in the nursery and a wonderful friend is going to make a quilt for us. Leslie even ordered some yarn to start knitting a blanket as well. So we’re been working hard and keeping our eyes open for bargains along the way, and of course, all of the money used to purchase these items came from our personal funds, not our adoption funds.

We are in the process of contacting some restaurants to see if we can have some additional fundraisers and we will be planning a big yard sale as soon as it warms up! Leslie is still working on her Etsy shop and she plans to get her earrings and hair pins up this week for sale. Orders are coming in steadily and we just want to say we continue to appreciate your support. It means a lot to us and we’ll never be able to express that fully.

Have a wonderful March and we will bring in more updates soon!

❤ Leslie & Steven