It Has Begun!

Getting the beginning paperwork for our home study sent out Monday along with getting our contract started to begin finding our birth mother with Kirsh & Kirsh!! Exciting. 🙂 Still have our home study to go through, but the wheels are turning!

Going to do our best to organize a yard sale soon! So start collecting if you would like to donate items for sale. Anything that is not sold goes to Goodwill.

We are still accepting donations and fundraising, so please share our adoption blog with friends and family and don’t forget that all sales through my Etsy shop also benefit our adoption!


Thanks to Hannah from Lovely Little Life!

Hannah at Lovely Little Life blog is celebrating her one year anniversary in the wonderful world of the internets! She is hosting a giveaway on her blog to celebrate featuring items from Etsy shops she enjoys, and she just so happened to feature Leslie’s etsy shop! So click the link below to go and enter the giveaway and of course, check out Lovely Little Life! You could win one of Leslie’s infinity scarves and other awesome Etsy items!

Thank you to Hannah for mentioning our adoption fundraising efforts we are hoping to achieve through our Etsy sales!

Enter Here:

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Screen shot 2013-04-16 at 10.50.12 AM

Starting our Home Study & DIY Projects

It’s been a little bit since we have had an adoption update. We wanted to let you know that we are now starting our home study process to get the adoption going! Leslie has her medical exam tomorrow and we have some paperwork to do before the social worker visits our home. Leslie has been working on some DIY projects for the baby and a friend of ours made the quilt and bed skirt for the nursery! Leslie is working on a paper crane mobile, a t-shirt rag rug (from all those t-shirt scarf left overs), and she starting a knitting a baby/toddler blanket last week. We are attaching the pictures of the quilt and Leslie’s progress so far on the blanket.

Thanks for checking up on us!

❤ Steven and Leslie