Exciting News: Highlands Fest is coming! AND we are signing the papers with our attorneys this week!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to send out an update since our approval to adopt since many of you may be wondering what happens next and how long could it be. We are going to officially send in our paperwork to the attorney’s this week to begin the process of finding our birth parents. We are working hard on drafting our letter. This letter is read by the birth parents and the information within this letter is what the birth parents will pick us based on. The time range is wide once we are chosen because the birth mother could have already given birth or she may only be a few months along. We appreciate your patience on our journey and know that we are very excited to be in the final stages.

Just so you know, we are still working on fundraising through Leslie’s Etsy shop, so don’t forget to check out her store for Christmas presents or for your own accessorizing. 🙂 Leslie will be setup for Highlands Fest this year in Louisville, KY on Saturday Sept. 14th. The festival runs from 1 p.m. – 11 p.m. We hope to see you there!

❤ Leslie and Steven


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