Happy New Year!

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to say happy holidays to everyone!  We hope you had wonderful holidays no matter what you celebrate and we wish you the very best in the coming new year!  We sincerely hope this will be the year that our lives will change forever.  We will be sharing with you our progress as we move forward, but for now, we will remain patient.  Thank you for all of your support over the holidays at the various fairs and Leslie’s etsy shop has now reopened.  We would also like to say we are very very very close to reaching our fundraising goals, so we will keep the shop open to raise the last little bit of funds until we are matched.  But, to help with the wait, we thought we would share some of our finished nursery pictures.  We hope you enjoy, we want to fill our child’s life with color and excitement!  Plus, a dinosaur Leslie made for our future little one and the rug she finished from left over t-shirt pieces from the scarves she makes.

❤ Leslie & Steven

IMG_20131031_185737 IMG_20131031_185801 IMG_20131031_185838 IMG_20131031_185850 IMG_20131103_192946_20131220_124047


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